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Become a member

Everyone from North Lincolnshire are welcome to become members of North Lincolnshire Mind. As a member you would be entitled to vote in Annual general meetings and receive a discount of 10 p on hot drinks too! Please note that membership fee is £5 per year. 

If you will want to take a step further and start taking responsibility of any kind you will receive appropriate support and guidance throughout your role. 

Become a Volunteer

An important part of recovery for those with mental illness is sharing experiences to help others. We recognise that personal experience matters, so if you eventually wish to provide support you could have the opportunity to become a volunteer. You can also use your expertise to join the   panel for recruiting new volunteers to the centre. Speak to a member of staff to discuss your options.

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Our trustees

We are always looking for new trustees to join our board. If you have skills that you think could benefit our small charity, have some time available and want to make decisions about how North Lincolnshire Mind is run we would love to hear from you. For more information about how to become a trustee please contact us by calling 01724 279500. 

Everyone's involved

Here at North Lincolnshire Mind we try to involve our service users in service delivery and decision making as much as possible. That is why we regularly hold open meetings for our service users. This is the opportunity for everyone to voice their ideas, concerns, to get latest information about mental health, new services available and our new projects as well as any future planning. We believe that when well informed our service users can help us run our charity, that is why the minutes of an executive committee meetings and the report of annual general meeting are available to everyone in the reception area.

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