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Join the fight for Mental Health!

Welcome to North Lincolnshire Mind website! We are here to help you in your recovery journey and whenever you need mental health support. We believe that everyone should have access to good mental health support whenever they need it.

Here at North Lincolnshire Mind, we have created a safe and supportive environment where we provide a variety of services from 1 to 1 Confidential Listening service to recovery-focused groups and social support sessions.

For better mental health. 
Accessible to everyone

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About us

North Lincolnshire Mind (formerly Scunthorpe and District Mind) has been providing mental health support in the region for almost 40 years.

We are always striving to provide the best quality service for people who need mental health support. You can find more about our current services on the 'Our Services page.

Our organisation has a structure of trustees, volunteers, staff, and service users.

We are all here to help you with any requirements you might have.

We are a completely independent charity, but we are also affiliated with the national charity Mind and we are part of Local Minds Network. There are over 100 local Minds in England and Wales and we are proud to be part of this amazing network.

We offer a wide range of services to support your recovery ranging  from informal peer support and activity sessions to more structured  support such as our Coping with Life courses. You can find more details in 'Our services' page. 

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Our ethos

Our vision is to promote positive wellbeing, recovery, and inclusion for those affected by mental health issues.

We take pride in being part of North Lincolnshire Mind and commit ourselves to goals that make a positive difference. 

We are committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our work by making our service accessible to all. 

We aim to build new partnerships to promote awareness and understanding of mental health within our community. 

We raise expectations of our own performance and that of others and we strive to achieve excellence and quality in all that we do.

Most importantly we care, we listen, we respect and value everyone. 

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North Lincolnshire Mind is affiliated with the national mental health charity Mind but our income is not subsidized by the national organization. Our main source of funding comes from North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group. This funding is supplemented by income from fundraising activities, donations, and grant funding.

Over years we had a lot of amazing people organizing fundraising events in aid of North Lincolnshire Mind or making a donation to help us keep our services open to everyone. If you would like to support us but are not sure how you can call and request a fundraising pack - it is full of good ideas and tips on how to make your fundraising event a success. You can find more ideas of how your simple everyday actions can help us on our 'Support us' page. 

Our Tests
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Confidentiality and data protection

We collect some information about our service users to make sure that we provide the best possible service to you and also to provide information to our funders. We explain our lawful basis for collecting this information in the Service user Privacy Notice (download here). All the information you give will be kept in confidence and will not be passed on to other services or people unless there are exceptional circumstances (for example risk to yourself or others or where we are required by law to disclose information). Rest assured that we treat information about you lawfully, confidentially, and with great sensitivity as our data collection policies are in line with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, 2018). If you want to read our Data Protection policy or see the copy of the records that we hold about you please speak to one of the staff or write to us. 

We are also required to keep your information up to date therefore we ask our service users to let us know every time your personal details (name, address, telephone number, etc.) change. 

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We hope that you will find using our service a positive experience but if you have a complaint you can speak to a member of staff or the Chief Executive Officer. Alternatively you can put your complaint in writing to the Chief Executive Officer or Chair person and send to  us. If you would like a copy of our complaints policy please ask a staff member.

We value any feedback on our services and try to offer a  range of ways to share your views. If you want to share your thoughts and suggestions or would like to leave a compliment for our services you can complete a feedback form and put it in the box at the reception.

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